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From WSSWA Bilaws
Article III(B)-Standing Committees

Section 1-Committee Names
Standing Committees of WSSWA shall be: Membership, Newsletter, Professional Development (Annual Conference), Legislative, Standards and Practice, Networking, Publicity and Promotions, and Nominations.

Section 2-Chairperson
The chairperson of each Standing Committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall be appointed by the President promptly after assuming office.  The chairperson shall appoint committee members as deemed necessary to fulfill the responsibility of the committee.  Members of the committees who are not the chairperson do not have to be members of the Board of Directors

Section 3-Membership Committee
The Committee shall be responsible for recruiting members, evaluating eligibility, maintaining the annual listing of the membership, and handling all other matters pertaining to membership.

Section 4-Professional Development
The Committee shall be responsible for organizing and conducting the annual Conference and other professional development opportunities. 

Section 5-Legislative Committee
The Committee shall be responsible for ongoing evaluation and recommendations on legislative issues.  Cooperate with other organizations that have similar professional issues. 

Section 6-Standards and Practice Committee
The Committee shall review and evaluate all matters pertaining to professional practice, including development and updating position papers

Section 7-Networking Committee (UW System SSW Liaisons, Loyola [Carthage] Liaison, NASW Liaison, SSWAA Liaison, Midwest Council Liaison, WAPSO Liaison, Regional Representatives)
The Committee shall maintain relationships with these individuals/organizations/institutions and shall facilitate communication between them and WSSWA.  The Networking committee will maintain the web site and will work in collaboration with the Publicity and Promotions committee.

Section 8-Publicity and Promotions Committee
The Committee shall handle all matters pertaining to visibility and public relations regarding School Social Work and WSSWA.  The Committee shall develop and maintain press releases, promotional products, and related promotional materials. The Committee shall publish an association newsletter at least quarterly.

Section 9- Nominations Committee
The Committee will prepare a slate of candidates for expiring terms of office to be presented at the Summer Board meeting.   Nominations for Board officer positions will also be accepted from the floor at the Summer Board meeting, with prior approval of the committee.  Candidates for officers’ positions will come from the current Board of Directors and will be voted on by the Board of Directors.


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