Names and Contact Information for Regional Representatives

Region Name E-mail Address
Central Wisconsin Susan Baumann-Duren
E-mail Susan
Madison Sandra Rivera E-mail Sandra
Greater Dane Mona Jean Harley Email Mona
Milwaukee Public Schools Kristin Annen Email Kristin
Milwaukee (Non-MPS and Charter Schools) VACANT

Suburban Milwaukee Murrene Payton Email Murrene

Karen Brown-Schaible

Dusti Evans Klukas

Email Karen

Email Dusti

Northcentral Sarah Welsh Email Sarah
Northwest Sarah Cater E-mail Sarah
Southcentral Mary Ellen Wright E-mail Mary

Rachel Dreibelbis

Kim Weber

Email Rachel

Email Kim


Tabatha Veum

Timothy Hanson

E-mail Tabatha

Email Tim

School Districts that employ School Social Workers within WSSWA Region

Regional Representatives

In developing regions throughout the state and appointing regional representatives, the WSSWA board wishes to establish a better system of support and communication among the membership throughout the state. Some regions in the state (such as the greater Milwaukee area) are fortunate to have many school social workers in neighboring school districts who are able to meet on a regular basis. This provides a natural support network among school social workers in those areas. However, there are parts of the state with very few school social workers, and networking among peers presents greater challenges. With this in mind, we set about to identify regions and develop a system of regional representatives to assist with networking, communication, and support among WSSWA members. Regions are set according to geographic areas that roughly coincide with the CESA regions. University of Wisconsin Madison, and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee will also be considered as regions. Each region would have a school social worker from that area serving as a regional representative. Regional representatives from UW Milwaukee and UW Madison can be students enrolled in a program seeking certification in school social work. Regional representatives will act as a liaison between the WSSWA Board and the social workers in that geographic area or university. Roles and responsibilities, with mutual support between the WSSWA Board and regional representatives, are outlined as follows:

Regional Representatives agree to:

  • be members of WSSWA
  • act as liaisons between the WSSWA board and members in the region;
  • identify school social workers within the region, and provide outreach to new school social workers;
  • identify needs of the school social workers in the region, communicate these needs to the board, and provide opportunities for mutual support and networking among the school social workers in the region;
  • communicate information from the region to the WSSWA Board quarterly, for inclusion on the agenda of Board meetings and information-sharing in the WSSWA newsletter; and
  • attend the annual WSSWA Fall Conference, and facilitate discussion and communication among members of the region as planned during the conference.

The WSSWA Board agrees to:

  • identify a Board member who will serve as liaison between the WSSWA Board and regional representatives;
  • meet with the regional representatives at agreed upon times and locations (see * below);
  • assist regional representatives in supporting a networking system among school social workers in their region, which could include technical and financial assistance for regional gatherings; and
  • gather information quarterly from regional representatives for discussion at the Board meetings;

Regional representatives may serve as WSSWA board members, but this is not a requirement of serving as a regional representative.

*Travel expenses for agreed-upon meetings between the WSSWA Board and regional representatives will be paid by WSSWA, consistent with Board-approved guidelines.

Procedure for Spending Limits for Regional Gatherings

Requests must come to the board from regional representatives

Requests must be submitted to WSSWA president at least two months before the event

Conferences and other regional events will be eligible to receive up to $250.00 for a half-day gathering, and $500.00 for full day. Requests will be approved at a board meeting, or by the executive committee (president, president-elect, past president, secretary, treasurer) through e-mail. President will be responsible for informing the group if a request was approved and, if not, why not.

Money can be used for the following: speaker fees and expenses, food, rental space, copying, supplies, equipment rental.

Priority for funding will be given to groups who have not received funding previously, or to regional representatives who are beginning to gather groups together from regions that have not been meeting/gathering … up to a total of $__________ per year per region.

For conferences:

  • Topics must be relevant to School Social Work practice
  • The majority of attendees should be School Social Workers
  • The conference publicity must indicate WSSWA sponsorship

A receipt must be submitted before a check is issued.

Group requesting the money must pay first, get a receipt, and then fill out a Regional Gathering Funding Request.

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