Introducing New Affinity Group for BIPOC SSWs

05/10/2021 12:19 PM | Anonymous

Introducing New Affinity Group for BIPOC SSWs

We are excited to announce the formation of our Social Workers of Color Affinity Group.  Affinity groups provide an opportunity for people with shared identities to come together in a safe and welcoming space. Participation in this group is limited to social workers who identify as a POC (person of color) or BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/Person of Color).

To help us better meet the needs of the group participants, WSSWA is gathering information about potential interest in an affinity group for School Social Workers who identify as POC/BIPOC.

If you are interested in participating, please take a few moments to answer this quick survey to let us know how to make the group meet your needs:

We will share specific meeting dates at a future time.

Thank you!

Nicole Berry, WSSWA Membership Chair

Alex Schirmacher, WSSWA Treasurer

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