Your SSW perspective is needed on IEP form revisions by DPI

05/12/2021 9:50 AM | Anonymous

School social workers we need your unique perspective!

If you work with IEPs and the DPI forms - Please Provide Input on Revisions to Wisconsin DPI Sample IEP Forms

Wisconsin DPI has put together a stakeholder folder and survey to get feedback on revisions to IEP forms that will be updated for the 2021-2022 school year.  Specifically, Wisconsin DPI is planning to revise two types of IEP forms.  First, are revisions to the current “disability worksheets” to turn them into “disability category criteria IEP forms”.  Please note that the “criteria” language on these forms reflect Wisconsin  state rule PI 11.36.  Although we are not permitted to share the forms for disability categories that are currently undergoing PI 11.36 rule changes until the rule is finalized and filed with the Legislative Reference Bureau, we are sharing those that are not undergoing rule changes so that you have an opportunity to provide input on the templates.  Second, we are revising the current evaluation report (ER-1) form.  The rationale for this revision is to assist IEP teams with conducting a comprehensive special education evaluation as required in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  In addition, these revisions were designed to ensure IEP teams are only making eligibility determinations if a student needs specially designed instruction.  Please share this survey with your colleagues and stakeholders from your respective organization and thank you for your feedback.   Additional information about these revisions is included on a “Stakeholder Review Information” document in the folder.

Link to Draft IEP Forms:
Link to Survey

Note: Revisions to all worksheets are highlighted in yellow.

This folder and feedback form will be open through the end of day May 20.

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